Terms and Conditions

Motorcycle Tours


By making a booking the participant allows the tour operator to carry a travel contract. The registration comes in effect by making a booking via The Great Getaway website. Each individual participant must fill their own booking form with their individual details. The travel contract will become effective once participant receives confirmation from the tour operator that their booking has been received and the tour will happen on the dates selected. This contract can be cancelled by either the participant or the tour operator via email.

Down Payment and Balance

A down payment of 20% of the total balance will be required upon booking. This deposit guarantees the participant’s spot on the tour. This deposit will be requested by the tour operator upon checking availability on dates selected by the participant. The remaining balance of the tour price shall be paid 45 days prior to tour commencement date. If at the time of booking there is less than 45 days prior to tour start the balance must be paid in full at moment of booking.

Services Included and pricing

The price of the tour published on the website is the price the participant is responsible to pay and includes the services mentioned in the inclusion list. Services not mentioned in the inclusion list are not part of the price. i.e.: tips, souvenirs, medical and travel insurance, etc. Changes in price by the tour operator may be possible due to: exchange rates fluctuations, changes in tax reform, increase in transport costs, etc. In case a price change must be applied the tour operator will communicate these changes via email. These changes in price can only come into effect if there is more than 4 months before the tour commencement date. If the increase of price is more than 5% of total tour price the participant is entitled to withdraw from the tour within 10 days of notice. Participants are entitled to reimbursement if they choose to withdraw when tour price increase exceeds 5%. Exception to this rule is when fewer number of participants than the minimum required have signed up for a tour, and all participants agree to an increase in price with fewer participants in order to run the tour.

Services and Modification of Services

The services included in the tour package can be found on the description of the tour on The Great Getaway website. These services are the only ones valid and are bound to the latest published version. If necessary, the tour operator is permitted changes in route, hotels or other parts of the journey as long as they don’t deviate dramatically from the description offered in the website. These changes will be communicated to the participant. Substantial changes that affect and differ from the description are not permitted, with the exception of changes due to situations outside of the control of the tour operator like: weather, civil unrest, etc.

Hotels and Accommodation

The hotels used for the Great Getaway tours at each destination have been carefully selected by the tour operator and offer excellent standards. If, due to weather conditions or other situations outside of the control of the tour operator, the chosen hotels cannot be reached the participant cannot claim damages. Any additional costs presented by these circumstances shall be incurred by the participant.

Participant requirements

All participants must present a valid motorcycle license with large displacement endorsement. All participant are obliged to wear at all times motorcycle protective gear (helmet, jacket, gloves pants, boots). All participants are obliged to start the journey only if they are in good health conditions. All participants must comply with vaccination and health requirements from the local destination authorities. Alcohol consumptions is strictly prohibited while riding the motorcycle. Tourguides and the tour operator are permitted to remove, without previous notice, a participant from a tour if these criteria are not met.


Motorcycles are insured; however participants are responsible for any and all damages done to the rental motorcycle. The maximum amount of the deductible for damages will depend on the destination selected. Before the start of the journey participants will receive specific information about the insurance from each destination.

Cancellation Policy

Participants are entitled to withdraw from the tour via written notice to the tour operator. The following cancellation fees will be applied:
If cancellation occurs
45-30 days prior to tour start: 20% of total price
29-15 days prior to tour start: 50% of total price
14-7 days prior to tour start: 75% of total price
7 days or less: 100% of total price
The tour operator is entitled to claim higher fees if the participant’s cancellation fee does not cover the expenses incurred by the tour operator.

Cancellation during journey: If a participant is forced to cancel their trip during the duration of it, they must notify the tour operator immediately. No reimbursements will be made. And the participant must cover their costs of such cancellation. (Flights, travel expenses, etc.).

Cancellation by tour operator

The tour operator is entitled to cancel the tour for the following reasons:
Minimum participant quota not met. If within 4 weeks prior to the start date, the tour does not reach the minimum number of participants required to run, the tour operator is permitted to cancel the tour. The tour operator can also contact the registered number of participants and offer to run the tour for an additional sum per participants. If all participants agree to this sum, the tour will be operated. The minimum number of participants required is 7 per group.

Force Majeure: Any event not in the control of the tour operator such as: weather, civil unrest, border closures.

Travel and medical insurance: The tour operator strongly advises that participant hire travel and medical insurance. The tour operator does not provide any type of travel or medical insurance.

Disclaimer and Liability

Each participant is held liable for themselves for self-inflicted accidents
The tour operator shall not be held responsible for any bodily or material damages caused to a participant, only if the tour operator or service providers have acted intentionally or gross negligent will they be responsible. The tour operator shall only be held liable for bodily harm if they are at fault. The liability of the organizer will be exempted or limited to the extent permitted by international conventions and or by the legal provisions permitted by the respective country. The liability of service providers contracted by the tour operator will also be exempted under the same conventions and local laws.

Compliance and tour rules

All participants are obliged to comply with local rules, laws and regulations. As well as all the instructions and guidelines imparted by the tourguides. Any participant that puts intentionally themselves or others at danger will be expelled from the tour. If any participant does not observe or comply with rules, laws, and instructions by the tourguide and local governments they will be expelled from the tour without any previous notice or grounds for appeal. Nor reimbursements will be made in these cases. Any and all costs branching from a tour expulsion is the sole responsibility of the participant.

Media and rights

Participants are made aware that videos and photographs are being taken during the duration of a tour, and these images can and will be used on social media. Any participant that does not wish for their photos or videos to be distributed or published must inform the tourguide. This request must be made prior to start of tour.


The tour operator is only responsible for COVID related local rules and regulations of the destination countries that could affect the execution of the tour. In the case of border closures and quarantines at the tour destinations that would affect the execution of a tour, the tour operator will communicate these to the participants, and reimbursements will be made. Participants are responsible for verifying the local rules and regulations in effect at their home destinations for departure and reentry. Participants are encouraged to look after their health prior to the tour start to prevent contracting COVID 19. The tour operator will communicate any requirements to enter the destination countries such as testing and vaccination. Any testing expenses are the sole responsibility of the participant.